Services for the owners

Located in Porto Cervo and with over 30 years of experience and know-how in the field of Real Estate in Costa Smeralda, we are supported by a strong strategic international partner and we can offer owners the opportunity to maximize the financial return and long-term value of their property. Here at Immobiliare Brunati we always pride ourselves on our attention to detail and our offer of personalized services, including:

Property sale

The reassuring and professional approach of Immobiliare Brunati will take you through the entire sales process by offering advice, tips and activities in order to find the best solutions for meeting your specific needs, ensuring the quality of your long-term investments.

Property management and renovation

With in-house architectural services and a number of relationships with companies we built over 30 years of activity, Immobiliare Brunati has created a network of companies and highly skilled workers. This network will spare you the stress of having to find suitable companies and workers to renovate your property, and will also ensure that the work will be completed with the best price and the more efficent schedule.

Experience has taught us that the best way to solve problems for the property is to solve them before they occur. You can rest assured that Immobiliare Brunati will keep your property in excellent condition, so that you and your tenants can enjoy the property without problems.

Property rental management

Identifying new opportunities and staying on top of the market is a need. Your investment is safe because Immobiliare Brunati is always listening and searching to opportunities to lease and innovate for improving the position of your property in the market.

The supervision of the entire rental process and of the process of leasing of your property will advance properly and profitably, with a careful selection of tenants and with specific focus on the definition and the signing of transparent contracts.

We help you creating excellent relationships with tenants. The needs of your present and future tenants are important. We personally deal with tenants in a personalized and dedicated way aimed at providing them the required custom attention.

Property management services

With over 30 years of experience managing prestigious Real Estate in Costa Smeralda, our highly skilled team will take care of all the aspects concerning the management of your villa or apartment, leaving you free to enjoy your time in Costa Smeralda. We work with top professionals to deliver the highest standards of quality in all of our services, with highly competitive prices. Here are some details about our range of Property Management services.

Property management for the owners

We handle the administrative management and the accounting and we send the owners a monthly report on revenues and expenditures for the property. We check all the administration and the payment of invoices. We also perform meticulous periodic visits to your property.

We take care of the assignment and the management of teams for cleaning the property and ensuring that it's always clean, well maintained and ready for guests in each moment. This also includes the purchase, delivery and inventory of cleaning supplies, as well as the supervision of house employees.

We also do maintenance and preservation of swimming pools and gardens, and collection and transportation of goods shipped to the villa. We take care of long-term maintenance of the property and we propose repairs if necessary or advisable, including estimates. We also follow the execution of the maintenance operations.

Another offered service includes electrical and plumbing maintenance and supply of related equipment, with troubleshooting of any problems that may arise. We'll coperate with the private security and alarm to make sure your property is safe. We'll also give you recommendations regarding the design and provisioning of the villa, including the purchase of required items in the absence of the owner.

Immobiliare Brunati also offers architectural design and planning services. We're able of providing quality supervision of the renovation works and we have connections with skilled architects and local businesses; everything while giving you regular updates, anywhere in the world.

Property management for the rentals

We help you generate income with your property in Sardinia. Immobilire Brunati finds clients and manages all of the contractual activities and financial aspects of the rental and insurance process. Our team will also organize the cleaning, maintenance and preparation of your property so that guests can enjoy a pleasant holiday on the Costa Smeralda.

Our Rentals Department offers numerous services to clients wnating to put their property in rental and to their future guests, whether the property is a villa or an apartment.

We offer pick-up service right at the port and airport. We'lls also take care of cleaning and maintenance services for verifying and improving the status of the property before the rent.

Before the guests arrival our team will prepare the property making sure that the villa, swimming pools and gardens are in their best status. We also manage a range of details like setting the air conditioning systems to bring the temperature of the property to levels that are appropriate for the season, as well as additional measures designed to make your stay enjoyable.

Purchase of food for the first night and taking charge of successive purchases related to your stay, such as shopping lists.

The villa staff receives detailed training on the equipments and appliances that are present in the building and also on the structure of the building itself.